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Enroll your child in India’s first 4-in-1 English skills program for kids where they learn from the best communicators
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Public Speaking 

Clarity of Thought
Stage Presence
Articulate Speaking

Creative Writing 

Unique Ideation Capabilities
Impeccable Grammar
Versatile Writing

Independent Reading 

Research Inclination
Reading Comprehension
Critical Analysis

1. Does my child need to have any prerequisite knowledge before taking the English course? 

No. Our curriculum welcomes students with varying levels of English fluency and helps them enhance their language skills.

3. What will my child’s portfolio consist of?

2. Are there any levels at which my child should join the course?  

The curriculum grants you the flexibility to choose lessons from either of the three stages and the module(s) will be adapted to your child’s pace of learning.

The portfolio will display what your child has created from the modules they’ve attended. For e.g. it could include a SciFi story, an interview or a short comic book.

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Our holistic curriculum focuses on your child’s overall development

Level 1

Stepping stone into the world of English Communications

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Grade 1 & 2

Level 2

Building a good vocabulary & confident conversations

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Grade 3 & 4

Level 3

Discovering the art of effective communication

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Grade 5 & 6

Level 4

Advanced mentorship in English Communications

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Grade 7 & 8

Level 5

Soft-skills & negotiation training

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Grade 9 & above

Mastree Membership

Classes starting as low as INR 270 per class 


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60 Sessions

  • 1 Hands-on Project
  • 1 In-curriculum project 




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  • 1 Hands-on Project
  • 2 In-curriculum Projects



120 Sessions


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Get your preschooler to converse in English 

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Nursery & KG

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